Rent a car with bitcoins

Adrem Car rental Limburg is the first car rental company in Europe where you can rent a car or a van and pay with bitcoins.

Bitcoins are digital money. You can use bitcoins in the same way as euros or dollars. You can buy things, exchange them, receive them in exchange for a service, or change them into dollars for instance. Bitcoins are a new currency. You can buy them in the same way you buy other money, or mine bitcoins.

You can see a short introduction about bitcoins here:

Rent a car or a van with bitcoins

If you have a digital wallet wiith bitcoins, you can rent a car, minibus or a van and pay with bitcoins. It works very easy: we show you a QR code, which you scan with your mobile device. With that scan you can pay the rent with bitcoins.

Adrem is the first car rental company in Europ that offers this possibility. You can find other car rental companies (in Canada and South America) here. We see a challenge in the use of bitcoins. We want to encourage the use of bitcoins. Many of our customers are international travellers. In addition to the existing option of paying with a credit card, we consider accepting bitcoins as a new way to rent a car in an easy way.


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