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This website has been put together with great care and is maintained in a similar way. It is possible, however, that it contains inaccuracies. Adrem is not responsible for any damage as a result of inaccuracies.

Intellectual property

All pictures and materials on this site are property of Adrem and it is not allowed to copy or reproduce them or save them in any other way other than necessary to view the pages online. Printing the pages is allowed.


Rates shown on the website are under reserve, because of (technical) inacurracies they can differ from the real rates. Rates can change, with this all previous rates become due. Some quotations on the website are generated automatically, these can contain inacurracies and are with reservations.

Car models

Adrem BV is not responsible if the car shown on de site differs from the real car. At Adrem you can make a reservation on car classes, not on specific models. You can give your preference, but we can not guarantee that you get that specific car.


Adrem offices may refuse renting to customers, without giving a reason. This is possible despite a reservation confirmation.

Special offers

All special offers on the site are only valid when all conditions are fulfilled. Special offers are not valid in combination with other special offers.