The rental company in the south of the Netherlands

We want to be the rental company in the south of the Netherlands, where everyone likes to rent a car, a delivery van or a minibus. We listen to our customers, and we garantee that we will do whatever we promise. Our purpose is your purpose: that you reach your destination safely, and back again.

How does Adrem Car rental work?

100% guarantee of transport: if you don’t reach your destination, you won’t pay a penny. Period.

Nice rates and clear contracts. No unexpected surprises after your rent.

A lot of means of transportation:

  • passenger cars
  • delivery vans
  • mini buses
  • classic cars

A lot of possibilities to rent:

  • per hour
  • morning
  • afternoon
  • evening
  • per day
  • per week
  • per month

Driving long distance? Choose the option unlimited free kilometers. Kilometer rate 0,00!

We love it to see you again. That’s why we have deals for our regular customers.


We are the only car rental company in the south of Limburg where you are guaranteed:

  Cancel any reservation for free
  Get 100% transport guarantee: if you don’t reach your destination by our fault, you won’t pay a penny.
  Never pay unexpected costs



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Adrem Car rental is the preferred supplier of: