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Are you looking for a passenger bus? Then you can easily arrange that from here. You can easily book the bus online, and come and pick it up on the desired date. Choose the type of passenger bus you need below.

Note: The rates do not include insurance and VAT

Professioneel, vriendelijk, erg hulpvaardig,goede prijs kwaliteit verhouding

Professioneel, vriendelijk, erg hulpvaardig,goede prijs kwaliteit verhouding. Top mensen.
- Maastricht - 8 December 2023


- Maastricht - 8 December 2023

Vriendelijk en correct, maar prijzig

Ben op zich heel tevreden . De bus uitstekend, uitleg goed, hoefde nauwelijks te wachten en er werd ook nog [...]
- Gangelt - 8 December 2023

zeer goed alleen na bevestiging krijg je een mailtje met de prijs als je gehuurd hebt dan is de prij

als je via de site besteld krijg je je een rekening opgestuurd die vele male goedkoper is dan als je [...]
- Geleen - 8 December 2023

Goede service

Snel geregeld, geen gedoe, duidelijke overdracht en heldere communicatie.
- Bij - 8 December 2023

Gewoon goed

Makkelijk,vriendelijk en snel geregeld en de auto’s zijn gewoon goed
- Beringe - 8 December 2023

Prima service, vriendelijk personeel.

Fijne verhuur firma, goed materieel. Aan te bevelen voor kleine verhuizingen.
- Maastricht - 8 December 2023

Service was prima, heel netjes de verrekening gedaan met de borg

Levering was niet mogelijk op de dag wanneer ik de auto nodig had, kreeg de auto kosteloos een dag eerder, [...]
- Sint Joost - 7 December 2023

O – double cabin van – 6 persons

Suitable for the transport of 6 people and also a lot of stuff: boxes, bicycles, camping gear.

4.219 liters of luggage

10 suitcases / 20 bags

6 persons

manual transmission


driving license B

Book double cabin van O, now only for € 49,90 per day

P – minibus – 9 persons

Ideal for transporting groups: family, friends, relatives, sports club.

1.439 liters of luggage

3 suitcases / 6 bags

9 persons

manual transmission


driving license B

Book minibus P, now only for € 79,90 per day

PA – minibus automatic– 9 persons

Ideal for luxury transporting groups.

1.439 liters of luggage

3 suitcases / 6 bags

9 persons

automatic transmission

double airconditioning

driving license B

Book minibus P, now only for € 99,90 per day

This is what you can expect at Adrem

Are you traveling with more people than fits in one car? Are you going to a concert or a sports match with a group? Do you want to pick up or drop off family at the airport? Do you have a children's party but too many children to take with you in your car?

Then you all have to go by train. Or you are not going to the concert or the football match. Or you should keep the children's party at home.

You can easily rent a passenger bus. For an afternoon, an evening, a day, a week or even longer. You can choose from different types of passenger buses.


Last year, Adrem rented a vehicle 12,406 times

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Our customers give us an avarage of 9.3

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At Adrem you only get vehicles from reliable car brands

When you rent from Adrem you are always entitled to our 3 guarantees

We hire only reliable car brands


Rent a passenger van

per daypart

Don't need a passenger bus for long? You can rent a passenger bus from us for little money. You can rent per day or per week, but also for a half day (from Monday to Friday). A part of the day is the morning (from 9:00 – 13:00), the afternoon (from 13:00 – 17:00). The evening is from 17:00 – 9:00 the next morning.

Rent a 9 seater van

per kilometer

If you only have to drive a few kilometers, for example for a children's party or a company trip, a rate with 100 km or 300 km per day is of little use. If you don't have to go that far, why pay for it? Then we offer you the following: you pay an amount per kilometre, but never more than you are going to drive in real kilometres.

Guarantees at Adrem car rental

100% transport guarantee: If you don't get where you need to be, you don't pay a penny.

Never pay unexpected costs: You only pay what has been agreed.

Cancel any reservation for free: If it doesn't work out, you can always cancel.