We are the only car rental company in the south of Limburg where you are guaranteed:

  Cancel any reservation for free
  Get 100% transport guarantee: if you don’t reach your destination by our fault, you won’t pay a penny. Period.
  Never pay unexpected costs


Cheap rentals

Adrem Car rental is known as a car rental company where you can rent a car, delivery van or minibus for a good rate. Anyone who is looking for a cheap rental, we can offer a suitable vehicle.

Different needs

Because people have different transportation needs, our rates are perfectly adapted to our clients:

  • Rent with unlimited mileage: Anyone who has to travel far, we offer the possibility to rent a car or a van with unlimited mileage. With this rate you will get a filled vehicle, and we expect the vehicle filled-up at your return. In this way you won’t be surprised afterwards about the cost of your rental car.
  • Rent per kilometer: anyone who doesn’t need to travel far, we offer the possibility to rent a car or a van per kilometer.  You only will be charged for te kilometers you drove, and no kilometer more. Rent a car or a van without worries!
  • Rent per hour: anyone who needs a car or a van just for a while, we offer the possibility to rent per day part or per hour. In this way you only pay for the time you need a car or a van, and not longer.

Adrem hires only reliable car brands