Why do I have to fill up a rental car?

Frits Pieper
22 Nov 2015

If you rent a car or van, we ask you to fill up the car after the rent. When you rent a vehicle from us, it is always fully loaded with petrol. We therefore like it when the vehicle is returned fully loaded. That way you know for sure that you only pay for the petrol you have used yourself. If you go to the gas station, you read: Minimum Order Quantity 5 liters. What now? Fill up or not? In this blog we tell you more about filling up the car with petrol.

Nice! Pick up a car with a full tank

It’s nice when a car is already refueled when you pick it up. Especially when you are in a hurry. Therefore we ask our customers to fill up a car after the rent. Why? Simple: the next person who rents a car, likes it to be refueled.

Can’t you do that for me?

Of course we can do that for you. That is a service we offer. But that’s not free. We ask € 9,00 for filling up a car plus the cost of the fuel. So if for some reason you can’t fill up the car yourself after use, we will be happy to do it for you. Just let one of our staff know and we will sort it out for you. But of course it is cheaper to do it yourself. So it is up to you…

And if I drove just a few kilometers?

If you drove just a few kilometers, it seems not necessary to fill up your rental car. You don’t see anyway the few liters you used during the rental, isn’t it?

Maybe you do not see it, but the one who rents the car after you, will notice! We know the average consumption of our rental cars. If you see that you have to fill up more liters than you expected, most of the time it is the fault of the previous tenant. For that reason it is better to fill up your rental car after you used it. Or tell us that you did not fill up – than we can do that for you.

And the message on the gas pump?

The message: “minimum purchase 5 liters” has to do with the calibration of the pump. Quantities less than 5 liters are not guaranteed to be calibrated. But you can also fill your scoot with one or two liters of petrol.

So please fill up you rental car after the rent. The next tenant will be grateful! We are also very grateful when you bring the car back full. Would you like to rent a vehicle with Adrem? Please feel free to contact us or check our website for the possibilities. Because of the wide range of vehicles at Adrem we have a suitable vehicle for every occasion!

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